Collection: Chunky Glitter Faux

Beautiful glitter faux leather fabric features a variety of colors and styles.  The elegant colors on each print go seamlessly together. Each faux leather sheet measures 9” wide by 12” long (some pieces may be cut larger). The back of the material for each style has its own backing and will be written in the description.
Whether you want to make earrings, bows or something else, this fabric is just for you. The material can be used for hair bows, scrapbooking, keychains, bags, shoes, wallets, cell phones and more.
Product Information:
• The fabric measures a approx 9x12 inches
• The thickness is roughly 1 -1.1mm (2.5 - 3 ounce thickness)
• The back varies by color
• The fabric has rough exposed glitter can be cleaned by gently wiping it with warm water