What you will need: Sharp Scissors (Like the ones I sell) ;) Tweezers Seam Ripper (optional) You can pick one up at any local craft store. Hot Glue Gun, Metal Clip Alligator or Snap . I am going to show you on an alligator clip. The same directions do apply for the snap clips.

Cut around your feltie cover about 2mm away from your outside stitches. You can use pinking shears for a decorative look. Clip away any stragglers of thread. The stabilizer between the two pieces of felt can be removed with a pointy pair of tweezers, if you wish. Flip your clip over to the back and line your metal clip between the border/outline stitches, for measuremant. Insert your seam ripper, or your sharp pointy scissors,  at the base of your metal clip. between the "clamp".  Use this is a guide, to make a tiny hole where you will insert your scissors to cut across.

After you finish cutting across, inside the outline stitches, you can now insert your metal clip. Be sure to open the clip and only insert the bottom 2 clamps inside the "pocket" of the cover.

If you want, you can insert a tiny drop of glue inside the pocket and underneath the bottom clamp,  to hold the clip into place. OR you can hide the top of the clip for a more finished look. Cut another Slit here to insert the top portion of the clamp. It may be slightly difficult to wedge it in the little pocket, but it will go in. 

Its a nice tight fit and gives it more of a finished look!!

IF you want, put a tiny drop of glue inside the pocket. It keeps the clip from slipping out or moving around. All finished!! You are now ready to glue on your feltie!! These instructions are owned by SweetStuffbyJen.com any copies of these instructions are prohibited.